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Doctor's Visit


Hello everyone! welcome to my blog page. Here I will hopefully be able to take you through the life of a new healthcare provider while also hopefully educating you guys and providing resources for learning along the way! please feel free to contact me and let me know of subjects you guys would like to discuss and subjects that you are passionate about as well!

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Meet Brashona Jones PA-C

Hello everyone, My name is Brashona. I obtained my masters degree August 2022 in Physician Assistant Studies. I plan on returning for my doctorate before a year laps. I currently also hold a bachelors degree in health science and have a passion for sex-based education, mental health cleansing and care, as well as healthcare in general. I hope to bring to you guys excitement, honest and rawness on the topics of life and overall well-being as well as sharing my journey with you through my blog.

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