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Welcome to the Real World PA-C


I am a fish fresh out of the water

One thing I never learned in PA school was the hardships waiting for me once I graduated PA school. No one tells you about the over powering imposter syndrome you will develop, because the truth is, school didn't quite prepare you for all the things out there in the world. They never tell you that the learning never stops, and that every day is a new test. You WILL encounter something you don't know every day as a new grad. They also don't tell you that after two years of never taking a break and never seeing your family, that the trend will continue because now you have student loans and a family to support.

Even though all these things make me uncertain and drowns me in fear, The fear of making a mistake, I don't regret it for a second.

Every patient who walks out of your office with a smile stating that you changed their life is a light in a dim place.

When I first started this journey, my journey, it was driven by a lack of minority representation in medicine especially amongst black American's. I am a firm believer that you have to be the change that you want to see. When I was growing up there was a popular saying that told people they could be whatever they wanted to be. But this is a lie, the truth is you can be whatever you are willing to work for. The even harder truth to swallow is that your dreams depend on connections, and that in life it is not what you know but who you know, for the most part.

so then you must be asking..... who did you know to get to where you are right now, which will fully be addressed in another blog post I promise!

but this post in particular is detailing the shock and pain associated with the slap of being a new provider in the dog eat dog world of medicine. The world where people do die and patients are relying on you to know the answer. The world where administrators will push you to satisfy the bottom line and colleagues will put your knowledge to the test.

So baby fish... welcome to the real world PA-C.


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